Samba Pelo Mar

Whitstable's Community Samba Band

Whitstable's Community Samba Band 

Samba Instruments

Samba Pelo Mar play traditional samba drums and percussion instruments. 

Repinique or Repique (Reps)

Repinique or Repique ( also known as the Reps), these metal drums are tuned high and have a loud piercing sound. They are used to lead introductions and breaks and for soloing. They also complement the tamborins. They are played with either 2 plastic whippy sticks or, more traditionally with one wooden stick and one hand.



These are the large bass drums which provide the backbone of the band's sound. We have three sizes of drum which are  tuned to different pitches - Top / Middle / Bottom. Their role is to hold the beat of the music.

Caixa de Guerra (Snare Drum)

These drums are played with a standard pair of drumsticks and are smaller and lighter than other snare drums.  Their role is to control the feel or groove of the music and they determine the rhythmic identity of the band. The history of the Brazilian caixa de guerra goes back to the Portuguese colonisers.


6 inches in diameter and played with a plastic beater, these instruments have the role of a horn section.  They play phrases of varying lengths which punctuate the music.

Chocalho and Ganza (Shakers)

The chocalho in particular is a powerful shaker which drives the band along. They work with the snare drums, providing an important underlying sound.

Agogô (Bells)

Double metal cowbells played with a wooden stick. They can also be clicked together. The bells play simple tunes which ring out over the rhythms. They are one of the oldest Brazilian instruments originating in the ritual music of slaves from West Africa.


The timba is a lightweight mellow hand drum that gives a rich tone.

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