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Whitstable's Community Samba Band

Whitstable's Community Samba Band 


We are always happy to be involved in Music for Change events and this was no exception. It was, perhaps, the wettest day on record and there was a rapid relocation from Dane John Gardens to the Orange Street Music Club which meant that although we exchanged grass for comfy sofas , we were now playing indoors, in a relatively small space with a relatively large band with some big drums. We are never defeated though.  We swapped sticks and beaters for hands and although it was a very different sound we made, it provided us with the opportunity to get to grips with some spontaneous improvisation whilst sparing the ear-drums of the audience in such a confined space. We had a great afternoon in the Music Club listening to music from around the world and chatting to the other performers. 


For one night only we were Zombie Pelo Mar, complete with extraordinary makeup and some frighteningly bad hair. This is a fantastic event when Herne Bay comes alive (if that’s not a contradiction) with Zombies. There are brides, undertakers, skeletons, mutilated bodies, corpses and even zombie dogs and babies and we were privileged to be asked to be the soundtrack to this event. There’s something about the heavy drum beat, a clear, still night and about a thousand zombies all lurching towards the Clocktower in Herne Bay that is rather joyous – if Zombies can be joyful!


This is Whitstable’s big event and is on every July. It’s a celebration of the town, the sea and the marvellous people of Whitstable. We have been honoured to be part of the festival for a number of years now and every year it’s an absolute pleasure. The sun ALWAYS shines, the streets are ALWAYS full of flag-wavers and festival goers and Samba Pelo Mar, Whitstable’s Community Samba Band are there with a very summery soundtrack to the Oyster Parade.  Last year was the hottest ever and probably exactly the right temperature to be playing samba.

Samba meets Stomp

As a band we have been privileged to work with Pedro Consorte, body percussionist extraordinaire and current member of the London cast of Stomp. In the last year Pedro has joined us for some workshops exploring sound and rhythm with some quite remarkable results. Every single member of the band who took part benefitted from Pedro’s enthusiasm and ability to create sounds using only the body.

As soon as we knew that Stomp was touring we booked tickets and 50 of us went to see the show at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.

From the minute it started with one man and a broom to the mass drums of the finale, we were captivated. We watched open-mouthed as they played match boxes, dustbins, buckets, whole sinks chained to performers, tractor inner tubes plungers, sticks, buckets, pipes, huge drums, even lighters at one point and who can forget the kitchen sinks full of water worn like usherettes offering ice creams in the interval?

It was a chance for us as a band to see professionals working with rhythm in the most extraordinary way.

It was noticeable as the audience left the theatre that fingers were clicking, zips were zipping to a beat. Without realising it we were all looking at the waste bins, stair rails and door handles and working out how best we could play them.

An unforgettable evening and thanks to Pedro for reminding us that although we love our drums, tams, bells and shakers  we don’t always need them to find a rhythm.

Pequeno Samba Pelo Mar

Last Friday night saw the public launch of 'Pequeno Samba Pelo Mar'  at Casey's of Butchery Lane, Canterbury. 

Pequeno is a smaller version of the band, consisting of a limited number of players and a more diverse selection of percussion instruments.

It was very well received by the mainly student crowd, with a large number of them joining in by dancing to our funky beats. Some of them commented afterwards "this is the best music we have ever heard in Casey's for ages"  Now that's not a bad start is it ?

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